Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Campaign Against Climate Change (Scotland)

Campaign Against Climate Change (Scotland)

The Climate of Poverty - Public Meeting

On Wednesday, 18th October, Marjorie Clark from Christian Aid will present their new report 'The Climate of Poverty'. The public meeting will be held in the Aberdeen Art Centre, King Street and start at 7.30 pm.

The Christian Aid report looks at how climate change is threatening and destroying the livelihoods of many people in poor countries today, and particularly focuses on Kenya and Bangladesh. It warns that, without strong action to curb greenhouse gas emissions, all the development gains will be reversed and poverty will become ever worse. Christian Aid work with people who are amongst the one-third of humanity without any access to electricity. They tend to suffer the most from global warming caused by the life-styles and energy economies in the rich nations. The report calls for steep reductions in emissions and for funding and technology transfers to enable poor countries to develop clean energy.

This is a joint meeting organised by Christian Aid and Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change


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