Saturday, September 30, 2006

Campaign Against Climate Change (Scotland)

Campaign Against Climate Change (Scotland)

PLEASE SEE ENTRY BELOW for our public climate change meetings on Monday 9th October and on Wednesday, 18th October and please come along!

Book your transport to Britain's biggest Climate March ever on 4th November now!

Saturday, 4th November will see the largest ever global demonstrations against climate change, in around 40 different countries. Those are taking place just before the opening of the important UN Climate Change Talks in Nairobi, and should send a strong message to political leaders that we need urgent measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions now.

The London Climate March will be meeting from 10.45 outside the US embassy at Grosvenor Square. For a full programme, see the national website . The march will meet up with a large event and rally organised by the Stop Climate Change coalition at Trafalgar Square, called I-Count. For full details of the I-Count event, see here: .

Stop Climate Chaos have got an agreement with National Express so that people can get the Megabus from anywhere in the UK to get to the event, for a return fare of 4.50 pounds. They also provide details of any other transport which has been locally arranged (although, from Aberdeen, it will have to be Megabus or the train). Given this very cheap deal, we will not be booking our own coach - doing so would cost around 2000 pounds. Please phone now to book your ticket for the overnight Megabus. For details of how to do that (with the special phone number and reference number to quote), see here:


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