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Campaign Against Climate Change (Scotland)

Campaign Against Climate Change (Scotland)

Object now to Aberdeen Airport Expansion!

BAA have now submitted their Environmental Impact Assessment. Not surprisingly, the assessment, which was commissioned and paid for by BAA, found in their favour. Residents of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire can now formally object to the planning application for the runway extension. The period for objections will end in around five weeks (exact date not known yet).

We hope that lots of people will formally object to the planning application. If you have extra time, and if you haven't done so yet, please let your Councillor, MSP(s) and MP know what you think.

How to object:

Send a letter to the Planning Department, Aberdeen City Council, St Nicholas House, Upperkirkgate, Aberdeen, or email them at You must quote the planning reference number A5/2080 and state clearly why you object to the application!

Draft letters:
Sorry, standard letters or postcards will not be accepted as individual objections. Below, however, is a copy of a press release I have sent off. You can use this as a basis for an objection letter if you wish.


- for immediate release –

Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change urge local residents to formally object to BAA’s planning application to double the size of Aberdeen’s runway.

BAA have just submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment. Residents in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire will have around five weeks to object to airport expansion plans, which would substantially increase the number of flights to and from Aberdeen. Objection letters have to be sent to the Planning Department, Aberdeen City Council, St Nicholas House, Upperkirkgate, Aberdeen, and should quote the planning reference number A5/2080.

Almuth Ernsting from Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change states: “The proposed expansion of Aberdeen airport is part of BAA’s national programme of trebling the number of air passengers. This will vastly increase CO2 emissions which destabilise our climate. In recent weeks, record-breaking heat waves and droughts have affected much of the northern hemisphere. The death toll will not be known for some time – but new research has just shown that some 52,000 Europeans died in the last major heat wave, exactly three years ago. Climate change is no longer a threat for the future – it is causing mass deaths and crops failures right now. Nobody wants to close down Aberdeen airport, but we cannot go on increasing the number of flights and the amount of heat-trapping emissions as BAA want to do”.

The BAA Masterplan itself states that airport expansion will lead to a greater number of flights per hour, rather than replacing existing planes with larger and more efficient ones. This will not only lead to more climate-change emissions, but will also expose nearly 10,000 local people to more frequent noise disturbance. Flight noise has been linked to physical and mental health problems, including lower concentration and reading levels in children living under a flight path.

Expanding regional airports in Scotland has been shown to cause a net-drain on the local economy: For every pound spent by a tourist flying to the north-east some 2.5 pounds will be taken out of Grampian’s economy, and this trend is forecast to get even worse with airport expansion.

Contacts: Almuth Ernsting, Tel: 01224-324797 or 01224-553195
Alister Coutts, Tel: 07961-454297

Notes to the Editor:
For information about Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change, please see our website

For information about aviation and climate change see:

For information about the impact of aviation on regional economies in Scotland see: (economy)


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