Monday, November 28, 2005

CCC-Edinburgh Demo Poster

Campaign Against Climate Change (Scotland)

Campaign against Climate Change


The march will begin in East Market street. It will cross the Waverly Bridge along a bit of Prince’s street up the mound, down the royal mile (lawn market, high st, Cannongate) and finish at the Scottish parliament. Click here for map that allows you to see the route.

Meeting at 11 am. Leaves market street at 11:30. Be at the Scottish Parliament at 12:15. Finnish at Scottish Parliament at 15:00

• Duncan McLaren, Friends of the Earth Scotland
• Mark Ballard, MSP Green Party
• Mark Lazarowicz Labour MP. Introducing the Climate Change and sustainable energy bill at Westminster.
More speakers are being confirmed at the moment.

1. Choir at the start
2. Drumming Beltane/ G8 drumming group may be doing something in the middle.
3. Canapés and Cocktails collective will be able providing mince pies and warm drinks at the Scottish Parliament.

• 32 countries taking part so far including all G8 nations. Go to

• Show Scotland’s support for the international Demonstrations
• To show that we want a strong follow up to Kyoto.
• Highlight Tony Blair’s current withdrawal from reduced carbon emission targets.
• Raise public awareness of the Climate Change Issue.

Dundee: Busses are running from Dundee.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

CCC Aberdeen, Our first public meeting about Climate Change

"Climate Change Poverty and War" the first public meeting of CCC-Aberdeen was a great success with a good selection of talks being given and a greatfull audiance of 35-40 people. This event gave wellcome imputus to the campaign in Aberdeen and has hopefully provided a sound basis for fututre events.

We had five speakers (in no perticular order):
Gavin Smith; CCC-Edinburgh and the Young greens
Penny Howard; Stop the War Coalliton and CCC-Aberdeen
Marian Brich; Director of MedAct
Nick Gotts; Greenpeace
Duncan Hart; Oil in the city project

A video clip of the buildup to the event is here

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


The flyer for our public meeting can be found here.

Next meeting, CCC-Aberdeen

7:30pm, 30th Nov, New Kings Building, Old Aberdeen.

For a guide to Climate Change and why action is so important have a look here.

For more information on the campaign against climate change in scotland join our yahoo group, or for information on the international demos on Dec 3rd go here

The Edinburgh Demo: Some Details

Here is a guide to the Edinburgh demo. For more information about the protests internationally check out the links at the side of this page.

To recieve regular updates about climate change related issues go to Climate Change Action and use the 'bloglet' to subscribe by e-mail, or use the RSS feeds or bloglines.

"Global climate change represents a profound long-term challenge for govornment, for people and for society at large" (pew centre for golbal climate change)

Its time to get involved!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

CCC-Dundee Update (we have transport)

Hi everyone. The Dundee Green Party have booked a coach to take people
through to the march and back again.

We are leaving from the McManus Galleries at 9.30am. If you would
like to book a seat on the coach, please get in touch with me at

Tickets are £5.00 and we expect to sell out quickly so don't delay!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

CCC Aberdeen Update

Update from CCC-Aberdeen meeting on Tues 8th Nov.

Includes info on upcoming talk, posters, the abergreen event and much more...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Flyer for Aberdeen Talk now Available

For those of you in CCC-Aberdeen the flyer is now available.

Flyer for Edinburgh meeting as used by CCC-Abdn

.jpg file
.doc file

The Edinburgh flyer is now available for those of you in CCC-Abdn

Some info on the Dec 3rd Demo and CCC in Scotland

Gavin Smith wrote:

> The information of the Scotland Demonstration follows. I hope this covers the information that you need. The group is becoming stronger all the time up here with more and more interested people joining and getting involved. If you need to know any more info on the demo please do not hessitate to contact me.
> The Edinburgh demonstration will meet in East Market Street (Next to the Waverly) at 11:00 am. We will then march at 11:30 round the Mound down the Royal Mile and finish at the Scottish parliament. Here we will stay until about 3:00pm.
> We are currently lining up speakers for this. So far Duncan McLaren from FoE Scotland, Mark Ballard from the Scottish Green Party and Lesley Riddoch, broadcaster and journalist have all expressed interest. These are not confirmed though so it may be a good idea to leave them out of the web page for now. I will let you know when we have them confirmed. As for the march itself the council have had our application for several weeks now but have not confirmed. We are advertising the meeting point still though as this is the area least likely to be contentious with the council.
> The intentions of our protest in Scotland are as follows;
> -To ask our politicians to take action on climate change and that a strong international follow up to Kyoto is the best way to do this.
> -To highlight Tony Blaire’s current withdrawal from reduced emission targets.
> -To show the world the Scotland cares about climate change
> -To help create and strengthen connections with people across Scotland who wish to prevent climate change.
> Campaign against Climate Change has the following groups accross Scotland
> Edinburgh-
> Glasgow-
> Dundee - Alan Kelly
> Aberdeen- or
> We have managed to get the following groups to support the March so far but we expect more to join in.
> Groups that support the CCC march
> * Peace and Justice- Shown interest. Can show posters on billboard at the west end of Prince’s street.
> * Woodcraft folk – know about it and are interested in banner making.
> * Sustrans – willing to advertise in news letters
> * Dundee Trades Union – Will inform their members of action
> * Transform Scotland- Support the action
> * FOE Edinburgh (The Local group) – They are interested and keen to join in with announcements and marching.
> * FOE Aberdeen
> * FoE Scotland. Will make announcements in their news letter and on the E-mail list. Duncan Mc Laren will talk at the March.
> * Scottish Young Greens- Gavin; Financial and on e-mail list of about 100 people
> * Scottish Green Party- Support the action and will send e-mails around the Lothians and Scotland list of a few hundred.
> * P&P Edinburgh and Dundee; Will help with publicity. Will have their own flyers also. Will advertise on their e-mail list of a few hundred and to the students at the University.
> * Jubilee Scotland- Thomas Hastie says they support the Demonstration.
> * Scottish Socialist Party- Stuart Fairweather, the Dundee rep says they are on board. Colin Fox has yet to get in touch.
> * Green peace- Dundee and perth are committed to supporting the event
> * World Development Movement Scotland- have got in touch and happy to be included under the banner supporting the event.
> * Stop Climate Chaos Scotland- We are currently talking to SCC. They look like they are going to try to get their coalition members to support the march but we shall see how it goes.
> Yours sincerely Gavin Smith, Edinburgh Campaign against Climate Change, 07966 485 368

The Campaign against Climate Change is an international organisation working on raising awareness about the issue and attempting to effect political action.

The central website is here, this site has more information on all groups but for information/updates on a specific scottish group contact details are below.

The yahoo group for ccc-scotland is


calvin.jones (at)
aberdeen_climatechange (at)


gavin_pms (at)


climatescotland (at)
campaignccglasgow (at)


alnkelly05 (at)